December 24 - the first day of the museum work!
December 24 - the first day of the museum work!

On December 24th, 2016 the Miniland Museum opened its doors to visitors. The very first visitors before the official opening were well-known Belarusian bloggers with children. They became our first critics as well. It was exciting to find out their impressions about the exhibition and museum services. Judging by the reviews in the media, everyone enjoyed being in the Museum. At 12:00 the Museum opened to the public. We solemnly greeted a family of three our first visitors and Eugene Danilik presented them a gift from the museum. We took a photo of our very first guests. On this day the museum was visited by about 300 people. We tried to pay attention to every guest. Also we considered emotions, impressions and feedback from our guests. We were very pleased to see that people came with their entire families with children, friends, grandparents and even foreign visitors.

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