Delegation from Kaliningrad in the museum "Strana mini"
Delegation from Kaliningrad in the museum "Strana mini"

The morning of November 13 in the museum began with a big event. The first visitors were Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Mikhail Portnoy and Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Kaliningrad region Andrei Ermak. The museum was one of the first places the delegation visited in Minsk.

In the course of the tour around the exposition the guest from Kalinigrad told that the Museum “Strana mini” was of great interest for him from the point of view of combining the best museum traditions with the use of the latest technologies. Therefore, in addition to the history of buildings, a lot was told about talked about the processes and economy of creating the miniatures.

- And what is snow made of in the model of Nesvizh Castle? - asks Mr Ermak, carefully examining all the details. - And what do you think? - Is it baking soda? - Exactly. Can you imagine how they looked at our model maker when he bought 10 kg of it?

The minister also noticed a 3D tile in the Mir Castle model (our newest model). We shared ideas for adding an interactive component, creating a day / night light effect, told about the app with an audio guide and invited visitors to the photo zone "Belarusian house".

Throughout the excursion, Mr Portnoy added his personal knowledge and comments and told interesting facts. He shared the details of the opening of the Kossov Palace on November 10.

He noted the high-tech miniatures of the exposition and the fundamental approach. The guests were delighted to see the event-space, in which work-shops and seminars for adults and children are held.

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