Vitaem - is a trademark of the modern gift from Belarus. Once you see that Belarus national souvenirs are represented mainly by authentic things, mostly handmade, we had the idea to produce new promotional gifts, combined in a separate collection. In 2010, we developed and started to produce simple but bright, in the spirit of the time, gifts with low price. The products quickly became popular, and we have begun to expand the collection and increase production. The main purpose of the Vitaem souvenirs is to popularize Belarus as a country for tourists, as well as the production of things for the national character of the inhabitants of the country. Vitaem Souvenirs have already confirmed its relevance and popularity. Although the collection is already quite diverse, we continue /every day to work on expanding the range of products and places of their sales to customers. We pay great attention to our partners. We are working on commercial equipment, improved service and promotion.

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