National Tourism Agency

National Tourism Agency (hereafter – Agency) is a non-commercial organization, subordinate of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus. Agency was created in 2001 with a purpose of promotion of tourism in the Republic of Belarus and participation in the realization of the state policy in the tourism sphere. Since 2011 the Agency has acted at the expense of the Republican budget. The main work direction of the Agency is the realization of the activities according to the State programme on tourism development for a definite period. For the achievement of the statutory goals the Agency performs the following activities: - propaganda and promotion of the services provided by subjects of the tourist industry of the Republic of Belarus in the internal and external tourist markets. Maintenance of the tourism website www., working out of the tourist on-line navigation. - organization and participation in the international tourist exhibitions on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad, in the National exhibitions of the Republic of Belarus abroad as well. - propagation of information on the tourist potential of the Republic of Belarus; working out, publication, replication and distribution of information materials. Edition of booklets and brochures about tourism, videos clips and video movies about tourism, distribution of them. Collaboration with Belarusian mass media and foreign mass media as well, assistance in highlighting the issues of tourism sphere in the Republic of Belarus. - Increase of the international relations in the sphere of tourism. Building of the network of tourist information centres of the Republic of Belarus abroad. - Maintenance of the State tourist objects database of the Republic of Belarus. - Educational and analytical provision of the tourist sphere, research in the sphere of tourism. Working out of educational and analytical documentation on excursion routes and tours, its propagation. - Giving assistance to the tourist industry subjects in their activity connected with the development of tourism in the country. - Services quality promotion of the tourist industry subjects of the Republic of Belarus. Organization, holding of promotional - informational seminars, presentation of tourist potential of the Republic of Belarus, contests and other activities in the sphere of tourism and participation in them as well.

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